10 Tenths Chain Cleaner is suitable for cleaning the drive chains of motor cycles (on and off road), ATVs / Quads, Karts and other mechanical devices that use a lubricated chain drive. It can also be used on push bike chains for fast effective removal of old lubricant. It is especially effective on motorcycle chain lubricants, Greases and Waxes and rapidly breaks down old lubes for cleaning of the chain prior to new lubricant being applied. It may be used in standard X, O & Z-ring type chains. It is also suitable for cleaning chain sprockets, swing arms and wheel hubs. It will not harm rubbers, plastics and hoses.

10 Tenths Chain Cleaner can also be used as an effective Degreaser on oil and grease from surfaces such as engine parts and other surfaces where removal of grease, oil, sludge and grime is required. It is especially suitable for all maintenance and repair work in Motor Cycle, Automotive and Marine workshops on engine parts but can also be used for cleaning of machine parts, tools and all types of equipment.


SKU: W005
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