Power Sports Grease has been formulated to provide outstanding lubrication and protection in all outdoor conditions such as Motorcycling, Marine, Automotive and other outdoor activities where a water-resistant type grease is required. It has excellent resistance to water, Snow, ice & mud and provides outstanding film strength.

Power Sports Grease can be used on wheel bearings including those fitted with disc Brakes, cables, throttle lines, linkages, winch gears and most other greasing points where protection is needed against the elements.

Power Sports Grease is excellent for motor cycles and push bikes for bearings and waterproofing areas exposed and are prone to retaining water and dirt that could potentially rust. It can be used on quad bikes, snow mobiles and ATV's on the front and rear wheel axles as well as the front Fork Steering bearing, shock absorber linkages and swing arm pivots. In marine applications it can be used on dog seals, trailer rollers, prop shaft splines, steering mounts and general greasing points.

Power Sports Grease is packed in a convenient 100g tube for easy dispensing and so can be carried as part of a small tool kit for on the spot jobs. It's translucent green Colour makes it easy to see and it wont harm paint or plastics.


SKU: W003
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